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Event Guidelines for BCNA - Pink Footy & Netball Day 2012

Thank you for choosing to be part of BCNA's Pink Footy & Netball Day. This weekend is a wonderful way for local communities to pay tribute to those women and their families who have been affected by breast cancer.

Please ensure you read the information below to ensure your club or leagues activities meet all event requirements.

Pink Footy & Netball Day Registration and Free Event Pack
To participate in Pink Footy & Netball Day 2012 you need to complete all the registration forms online, via by 4 May 2012 11.59pm (AEST); or prior to the campaign reaching 1000 registrations.

The Event Coordinator or contact person registering for the club/league/association must be over the age of 18.

A free event pack containing basics to run Pink Footy & Netball Day will be sent between 16 April - 10 May 2012 to the event coordinator named in the registration.

Additional supplies of event pack contents may be available subject to BCNA's stock levels, please contact BCNA to request. Please note we may need to charge postage for additional supplies.

The event pack will be sent to the address identified by you in your registration. We are unable to send the event pack or merchandise to a PO Box address as a signature is required upon delivery.

The club/league/association is responsible for any loss or damage to the event pack once you have signed for the goods.

Please allow 7 - 10 working days for delivery of the event pack and any other goods. This delivery period stated is an indication only of the anticipated period for delivery of the goods. We may contact you if we anticipate any issues delivering your goods within a reasonable time.

If you choose to fundraise, it is important that all your fundraising activities, held on behalf of BCNA, comply with state and territory legislation. If you have any queries please contact BCNA on 1800 500 258.

Promoting your event:
Your event pack contains posters and other promotional tools for you to use. If you are producing any other material please have it approved by BCNA prior to distribution.

Your responsibilities
As the Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing your Pink Footy & Netball Day event.

We recommend that you put together a committee to support you, as the Event Coordinator you are ultimately responsible for all finances, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the event.

Money matters
Having a plan for the collection of donations or sale of merchandise is very important. While the Event Coordinator is ultimately responsible, we recommend nominating someone just to look after the money from the day.

Due to fundraising regulations BCNA is required to account for all tins issued and all monies banked. So we would ask you to complete all the instructions below

-  Email and provide us with an accurate estimate of the income and expenses associated with your Pink Footy & Netball Day event and
   how you plan to direct the funds to BCNA. Generally, a fundraising event should aim to return 70% of income to BCNA so event expenses should not exceed 30% of gross
-  Keep accurate financial records, including receipts for expenses incurred and records of donations and moneys received.
-  Send in proceeds of the Pink Footy & Netball Day event within 14 days of the event concluding.
This can be done via;
-  credit card to your individual Pink Footy & Netball Day fundraising page
-  cheque or money order made out to Breast Cancer Network Australia and sent to Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124
-  electronic transfer to BCNA's account BSB 083-155 Account Number 53-214-2990
-  direct bank deposit to BCNA's bank account BSB 083-155 Account Number 53-214-2990 Details of these options will be included in your event pack.

Insurance matters
Ensure you have appropriate liability insurance to cover your Pink Footy & Netball Day event, as BCNA insurance does not extend to external events.

Ensure that you seek our permission before using the BCNA logo in any promotional activities.

How BCNA will support you
BCNA will provide:
-  Tips on how to get some media attention for the weekend.
-  Ideas on how to raise additional funds for BCNA at your 'Pink Footy & Netball Day' by selling BCNA merchandise or fundraising activities
-  The BCNA logo for use in promotional activities

PLEASE NOTE any use of the BCNA logo must have prior approval
-  A event pack containing - balloons, Pink Lady paper cut outs and posters
-  Collection tins
-  Resources and brochures about BCNA and breast cancer
-  A sample media release and tips on how to get great media for your event
-  Assistance and advice
-  Upon request BCNA may be able to arrange a breast cancer survivor as a guest speaker

BCNA has a limited merchandise range available for you to purchase and sell at your Pink Footy & Netball Day event. There is also a limited range of items on the Pink Shop for purchase.

Next steps
Once you are satisfied that you are familiar with these guidelines please register online for Pink Footy & Netball Day.

BCNA are unable to accept registrations for Pink Footy & Netball Day that have links to Pharmaceutical companies, or endorse events that we identify to be high risk to participants of the event, or to the reputation of BCNA.

If purchasing through the Pink Shop you agree to accept BCNA's Order's and Donations Policy.

By Registering in Pink Footy & Netball Day and/or purchasing from the Pink Shop you agree to accept BCNA's Privacy Policy.